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How Teaaza Shape Up Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

How Teaaza Shape Up Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight?

How Teaaza Shape Up Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight?

According to statistics, 23% of women and 22.1 of men are overweight in India. Being overweight is a sign of bad eating and lifestyle habits. 

Eating junk or oily food along with sweets too often lead to fat build up in our bodies, leading to weight gain. Gaining weight can be distressing to people and cause self-esteem to go down. But if you are not a fan of dieting or can’t control the foodie inside your body to munch on snacks, we got your back. You can lose weight easily and quickly by drinking green tea. 

Green tea is a popular beverage known for being rich in vitamins and minerals. When it comes to weight gain, drinking green tea has been found to be really effective in controlling weight gain and encouraging weight loss. In this blog, we will talk about how green tea can help you lose weight and why Teaaza’s Shape Up Green Tea is perfect for losing weight. 

How Green Tea Helps in Burning More Calories

Drinking green tea regularly has proven to be really effective in weight loss. This calming beverage has antioxidants that help in detoxifying your body. Several studies have found that flavonoids & caffeine present in green tea improve metabolic rate, increase fat oxidation, and enhance insulin activity. One specific survey also pointed out that green tea drinkers lost around 10Kg in 3 months.

Here are some benefits of drinking green tea for weight loss:

Metabolism Boost

Green tea is packed with antioxidants which kickstart your metabolism. A significant boost in metabolism will enhance the speed of weight loss in your body. A slow metabolism burns less calories, whereas people with fast metabolism burn calories quickly. Adding green tea to your daily routine will give your metabolism the boost it deserves to lose weight quicker. 

Increased Fat Oxidation

Fat Oxidation refers to the breakdown of stored fat molecules and converting into energy within the body. In simple words, Fat Oxidation is the process when stored fat in the body is converted into energy. Some studies hint that green tea's compounds are fat-burning, helping your body break down fat cells for energy.

Appetite Suppression

Ever felt like your cravings are in the driver's seat? Green tea might just be the co-pilot you need. It could help rein in your appetite, meaning fewer calories consumed and a helping hand in your weight loss journey.

Energy Boost

Green tea contains caffeine, albeit less than coffee, which can provide a mild energy boost. This might help with physical activities or workouts, indirectly aiding weight loss.

Hydration & Substitution

Being hydrated contributes greatly to weight loss in our bodies. The more hydrated and full we are, the less hungry we feel. Staying hydrated will decrease your calories intake significantly. Substituting high-calorie beverages with unsweetened green tea can reduce overall calorie intake while keeping you hydrated.

Beneficial Substances in Green Tea for Losing Weight

Up to this point, you might have gathered that green tea is full of beneficial substances. But what are those beneficial substances? And how do they function to boost weight loss in your body? Let’s dive into the substances that are present in green tea. 


Green tea is an amazing source of Catechins, that help in reducing the chances of blood clots and heart attack. It is a type of antioxidant that is responsible for boosting metabolism and fat burning. 


Calling all coffee lovers! Guess what? 

Green tea has a dash of caffeine too! 

While it's not as abundant as your beloved coffee, it packs just enough punch to give you an energy boost during workouts, potentially helping in fat burning.


Earlier we talked about Fat Oxidation, and Polyphenols play a huge role in enhancing the process of Fat Oxidation in your body. These micronutrients in green tea have antioxidant properties that aid in breaking down stored fat in your body. 


This amino acid found in green tea can work synergistically with caffeine to enhance its effects, potentially improving weight loss outcomes.

Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

If you are tired of searching for weight loss solutions for hours and hours, it is time to start drinking green tea. The above substances found in green tea may help you control weight gain and encourage weight loss. 

Adding green tea to your daily routine will ensure that you stay fit and lose weight in a healthy way. If you do not have any idea about the type of green tea that will meet your weight loss expectations, we have something to cheer you up. 

Teaaza has the BEST green tea for weight loss for you. Our special “Shape Up Green Tea” is organically made with the finest substances. With years of research and testing, we have made our Shape Up Green Tea that will not only help you lose weight quickly but will also make you healthier. Start drinking our Shape Up Green Tea and we guarantee you great results in just a matter of weeks. 

Benefits of Drinking Teaaza Shape Up Green Tea

Our Shape Up Green tea is full of health benefits that will make you want to drink it more. Shape Up Slim Tea is your natural solution for shedding stubborn fat, aiding digestion, and curbing sugar cravings. 

This green tea has a blend of potent ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia, Lemongrass, cinnamon, ginger, and coleus, all working together to support weight reduction, regulate blood sugar, and enhance digestion. 

Crafted from 100% organic herbs, it's a trusted choice for over 40,000 customers, hailed as the ultimate green tea for weight loss. Recommended by doctors, nutritionists, and herbalists, Shape Up Green Tea is free from side effects and artificial supplements, making it a trustworthy choice.

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