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Why Should You Drink it Green Tea During Periods

Why Should You Drink it: Green Tea During Periods

Why Should You Drink it: Green Tea During Periods

Other than men, one thing that is a pain in the butt of every woman is periods. 

Even though periods play a huge role in keeping a woman’s body healthy, the pain that comes with menstruation isn’t something to be grateful for.  This monthly cycle is natural and should not be considered a problem.

To deal with period cramps, women across the world try to do things that are known to be effective during periods. Exercising is one of the most useful practices proven to be useful for women during their periods.

Besides exercising, drinking green tea is another effective way that is considered a godsend for girls during periods. In this blog, we will try to understand how drinking green tea is effective for women during periods, and whether you should drink it or not. 

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea During Periods

Green tea is certainly on the top of the list of healthy and detoxifying beverages. Green tea is rich in vitamin C, E, and B. It is also a great source of Polyphenols, which is helpful in protection against a number of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. When it comes to periods, Green tea has proven to be really helpful.

Improves The Mood: Green tea can do wonders for your mood during periods. It relaxes your mind and lightens up your mood. Mood swings are one of the most bothersome factors associated with periods. If you are tired of having extreme mood swings during your periods, start drinking green tea to improve your mood. 

Period PainGreen tea is amazingly effective in easing the pain during periods in women. The credit goes to a chemical compound known as L-theanine that is found in Green tea. According to research, women who drink green tea for period pain feel more relaxed and experience less pain than those who don’t drink it.

Period FlowIf you are wondering that drinking green tea during periods only reduces the pain, then you are underestimating this wonderful beverage. It has been found to be really helpful for reducing the flow as well. Many women have found that drinking green tea during periods has reduced the blood flow significantly. 

BloatingBloating is a really common issue that women face during periods. Women who drink green tea every morning during periods feel less bloated. Being less bloated during periods surely helps women feel better and much more comfortable.

Irregular PeriodsHaving periods irregularly is a concerning matter and one that every girl dreads. Irregularity in periods is caused by psychological stress, hormonal imbalance, or a medical issue. It has been found that drinking green tea during periods reduces stress and helps in balancing hormones. If you have irregular periods, drinking green tea might help you fix this issue.

PCOSGreen tea has been found to be helpful in regulating the menstrual cycle in women with PCOS. The common issues connected with PCOS that women have to deal with are hormonal imbalance, infertility, and irregular periods. Drinking green tea can help in mitigating some symptoms by influencing insulin sensitivity and hormone levels.

How To Drink Green Tea During Periods

Now that we know the benefits of drinking green tea, let’s understand how you should drink it during periods. Making it a healthy habit might become your first step towards having smooth and regular periods with less pain. 

Start Your Day With Green Tea

During periods, there is nothing harder than getting up off your bed to start your day. After a whole night of trying to sleep with unbearable period cramps, it gets extremely hard to start the day with energy. Drinking green tea right after waking up during periods can help you get rid of the tiredness. It will give you the much needed freshness and energy to start your day with a smile. 

Drink Moderately

Everything in excess is not good for your body and mind. Ensure that you drink green tea moderately during your periods and not every hour. Drinking green tea once or twice a day will be great for your periods and overall health.

Check The Temperature

If you want green tea to give you the much needed comfort during periods, make sure that you drink it warm or at least at room temperature. Drinking it while it's warm will give you much needed relaxation as warm beverages are known to promote relaxation. In many cultures, many drinks are preferred hot or warm as they help in digestion as well. 

Best Ayurvedic Period’s Care Tea for You 

Drinking green tea is not that hard if you are determined to make your periods go smoothly. However, finding the right green tea for yourself is easier said than done. Being particular with what you choose to drink is very important. There are tons of green tea options available, but you must not compromise with the quality while buying green tea. Teaaza has an amazing and fssai approved Period’s care green tea that can help you get your period on the right track.

Teaaza offers you 100% natural and totally plant based pariod’s care green tea. In today’s time, finding a green tea without chemicals is not an easy job. However, Teaaza has done the unthinkable by creating a Period’s care green tea which is 100% Ayurvedic. 

Ayurvedic Herbs & Ingredients

With Ayurvedic herbs that have been used from ages to give women relief from menstrual problems, our period’s care tea is highly effective. 

Shatavari & Shankhpushpi: Our green tea has Ayurvedic herbs such as Shatavari and Shankhpushpi that balances your hormones and helps in reducing stress levels. Even doctors, nutritionists and more than 40000 women recommend our green tea to women with PCOD or PCOS. 

Punarnava & Lodhra: We have also added Punarnava and Lodhra in our tea that help in giving women relief from period cramps and the discomfort that comes with them. This is why we take pride in our Period’s care green tea and guarantee positive results. 

Nettle & Manjistha: Inflammation is one of the most common things experienced by women during menstruation. We have leveraged the anti-inflammatory properties of Nettle and Manjistha to reduce inflammation. 

Amla: Who doesn’t like Amla?  We have added this natural and rich source of iron in our green tea to help women with heavy periods who might be at risk of iron deficiency. 

Fennel & Moringa: Bloating causes a lot of discomfort to women during their periods. We have added Fennel in our period’s care green tea because of its amazing digestive benefits, to help in giving relief from bloating. We have also added Moringa because of its nutritional value that improves the overall health of a woman during periods. 

These Ayurvedic ingredients in our green tea makes it better and more advantageous than any other green tea. If you want to live a healthy life and go through your periods smoothly, buy our Period’s care green tea today.

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