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Green Tea Good for Pcos

Is Green Tea Good for Pcos?

Is Green Tea Good for Pcos?

Are you suffering from PCOS or PCOD and tired from taking so many medications? Do you want to try something else to get relief from PCOS? Then green tea, full of antioxidants, might be your easy and ultimate solution for PCOS.

If you are wondering, is green tea good for PCOS? Then, yes, it is. You can get many benefits from green tea in periods. Green tea also helps to get relief from period cramps.

Read the blog further to learn what benefits you can get from green tea during PCOS. Green tea helps to burn excessive fat from your body and reduce weight.

Should I Consume Green Tea For PCOS?

Yes, you can consume green tea for PCOS. Many dietitians and nutritionists have recommended green tea to get relief from PCOS symptoms and periods. So, remove all your confusions and drink green tea to get ease from irregular periods.

Benefits Of Green Tea For PCOS

Drinking green tea is very beneficial in PCOS and PCOD. Here is a list of benefits that you can get from green tea in periods and PCOS:

  • Reduces Body Weight- As you know, during PCOS weight gain is a very common symptom. Many women face problem in losing weight. But with the help of green tea the process becomes much easier.

  • Green tea with a balanced diet helps to reduce weight gained due to PCOD and PCOS. Green tea helps to cut fat from your body and burn calories. So, it is important to have green tea with a good diet and some exercises.

  • Improves Insulin Sensitivity- Green tea has an element that helps to regulate blood sugar level. It helps to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes in women with PCOS and PCOD.

  • Green tea is sometimes called women’s tea because it is known to provide a lot of relief from PCOS. So, you must take green tea to boost your blood sugar level.

    • Balances hormone- PCOS increases androgen and testosterone level in women. Green tea helps to decrease testosterone levels in your body. It has been seen that in women, drinking green tea helps to balance your hormones.
    • Removes Acne During PCOS- Acne breakout and oily skins are very common symptoms of PCOD found in women. At this time, the antioxidants present in green tea helps to resolve the issue and get a clear skin.

    Green tea has antimicrobial properties that help from acne breakouts and controls oil in your skin. 

    Does Green Tea Have Caffeine?

    Green tea has a caffeine concentration of 15-50 mg per serve. However, coffee has a far higher concentration of caffeine than green tea or any other tea. So, it’s completely fine to take green tea every day to cure PCOS and irregular periods. Apart from green tea, being a PCOD tea also helps to reduce weight in the process.

    Is Consuming Caffeine During PCOS Harmful?

    Consuming caffeine for PCOS is not at all a healthy solution. However, green tea for PCOS doesn’t contain a lot of caffeine; it has hardly 14-61 mg in a single serve. But caffeine consumption up to 200 mg is not at all good for your health and can bring many complexities.

    Caffeine consumption helps to reduce weight. As we all know, PCOS causes rapid weight gain, and green tea helps to lose weight. 

    So, it is very important that you take caffeine in a very concentrated amount. Here we have made a list of the harm that it can cause:

    • Caffeine tends to increase your blood sugar level and cause problems if you have diabetes.
    • It also increases your anxiety and plays with your emotional health, which is already sensitive in PCOS.
    • You should avoid overconsumption of caffeine at any instance if you are planning to get pregnant. Also, avoid more caffeine during your early pregnancy days.
    • If you are caffeine sensitive, then you should avoid it.
    • In PCOS, too much consumption of caffeine interferes with your sleep.

    How Much Green Tea Should I Drink For PCOS Daily?

    At a minimum, you should drink one cup of green tea for PCOS daily. However, you can increase or decrease it by consulting your doctor.

    Is Green Tea Better Than Medicines For PCOS?

    Green tea helps reduce PCOS and increase your immune system. Green tea can’t work like medicines but has values that help to cure it to a certain limit and it is also effective as period tea.

    Teaaza’s PCOS Care Tea

    If you are wondering where to find the correct green tea for PCOS and periods, then we have got the best thing for you. With our PCOS tea, specially crafted to get relief from all the symptoms, especially irregular periods and cramps. Teaaza’s green tea for periods has a special formula that helps boost energy.

    You must check out the Teaaza herbal infusion for PCOS & PCOD, which is really effective and good during your periods.

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