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Teaaza Herbal Infusion For PCOS & PCOD-The Ultimate Solution for all Your Period-related Issues

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Teaaza PCOS period tea is a gift for all those women who are suffering with PCOS or PCOD. This green tea for PCOS is specially made with the blend of herbs like Chamomile, Nettle, Moringa, Shatavari, Amla etc. which are beneficial for problems related to PCOS and PCOD. It helps to regulate period flow and also ease the period pain. It is an organic remedy for regulating the menstrual cycle. It has no side effects. Our product is 100% vegan and organic. No preservatives or artificial sweeteners are added to the tea. Our period care tea can be consume by women of all age groups. Expert Herbalists, Doctors and Nutritionists also recommend women to take Teaaza period care tea during their tough days. This PCOS tea can give a healthy life to our precious members of society.

  • Certified by FSSAI

  • Trusted by 1Lakh+ Women’s & Counting

  • Helps Manage PCOS & PCOD Issues

  • Regulate Delayed & Irregular Periods

  • Relieves Period Cramps & Pain

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Consumer Study

  • 95%

    women got natural cycle within 60 days

  • 78%

    women reduced weight within 90 days

  • 82%

    Women with PCOD had cysts reduction

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Herbs to Regulate Delayed Cycle

  • Chamomile

    This humble herb can help reduce the severity and duration of menstrual cramps.

  • Nettle

    This herb is a potent cleanser, purifying blood and helping to rid the body of toxins.

  • Moringa

    It leads to modest reductions in blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

  • Shatavari

    A natural remedy to help treat and reduce the symptoms associated with hormone imbalances such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and infertility. Reduce symptoms of menopause.

  • Amla

    Amla helps ease bowel movement, relieve constipation, regulate digestion, and helps in improving gut health.

  • Fennel

    Good source of fiber, anti-inflammatory, aids weight management, and improves anemia.

  • Shankhpushpi

    It enhances brain power and improves memory, concentration, and ability to recall.

  • Punarnava

    It helps reduce corneal (stromal) oedema, inflammation, and tortuosity of glands.

  • Lodhra

    Helpful in managing female disorders such as leucorrhea (excessive vaginal discharge) and vaginal infections.

  • Manjistha

    Manjistha helps lower your blood cholesterol levels which improves your metabolism and aids in maintaining a steady weight.

Approved By Doctors

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    “Ayurveda reverses PCOS by flushing out sticky toxins in the blood which is the root cause & prevents recurrence."

    Dr. Aadarshini

    M. D. Gynecology (Ayurveda) Chief Doctor

  • Image 1

    “PCOS is not a disease but a lifestyle disorder that can be reversed with Ayurveda.”

    Dr. Kashvi Gupta

    M. D. Ayurveda

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    “Ayurveda helps get natural cycle on-time every month without harmful hormonal pills.”

    Dr. Inaya

    M. D. Ayurveda

Frequently asked questions

What is Herbal Infusion for PCOD/PCOS?

Teaaza Herbal Infusion for PCOD/PCOS is a specially formulated herbal Infusion designed to provide relief from the symptoms associated with PCOD/PCOS and promote hormonal balance, which can lead to more regular menstrual cycles.

Who can have this Herbal Infusion?

Any women above 15 Years of age in their reproductive cycle can have this infusion. It is not only for women with PCOS. It can be used along with medication and doesn't have any side effects. Women who don’t have pcos/pcod should give a break of a month after consuming the same for 3-6 months.

Which product can I use if I am trying to conceive?

Our periods care Infusion might help you while planning for pregnancy as it strengthens the uterus, but you must stop consuming it once you get pregnant.

When can I expect to see results from Periods Care Tea for PCOD/PCOS?

Results can vary from person to person, and it may take some time to notice changes in menstrual regularity or symptom relief. Consistency in use is key, and it's essential to be patient with your body's response.

What should I drink if I have pcos?

PCOS tea is the best drink you can have in your periods. Period care tea made with herbs like amla, shikakai, cammomile, mint can helps to unease of periods specially for those who have PCOS and PCOD. So period tea is the best drink option for PCOS.

How will period care tea benefits me?

PCOS tea or period care tea deals with all the problems related to PCOS or PCOD. This green tea for PCOS helps to reduce period pain and inflammation. Our period care tea helps to manage weight and also beneficial for women of all ages.

Is green tea good in periods?

Tea for period pain or period tea is best to consume in periods because PCOS tea reduce the inflammation and bloating. This green tea for periods helps to regulate the flow and has no side effects.

Does green tea make your period heavier?

Not at all, Contrary to popular belief, green tea is not known to make periods heavier. In fact, green tea is often considered beneficial for menstrual health due to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. However, for those seeking additional support, Teaaza PCOS Tea offers a specialized blend of herbal ingredients tailored for periods tea. With its gentle yet effective formulation, this herbal tea provides natural relief and promotes menstrual balance. Enjoy the soothing benefits of Teaaza PCOS Tea as part of your holistic approach to menstrual wellness.

Can I drink tea if I have PCOS ?

Yes, you can, managing PCOS requires a holistic approach, including dietary choices. Incorporating PCOS tea like Teaaza PCOS PCOD Tea can be beneficial. This herbal tea is crafted with ingredients known for their potential to alleviate PCOS symptoms and promote hormonal balance. With its blend designed for periods care, it offers a natural solution to support menstrual health. Enjoy the soothing effects of herbal tea while nurturing your body with ingredients tailored for PCOS management.

Which tea is best for hormonical imbalance?

Teaaza PCOS Tea stands out as an effective solution for hormonal imbalance. This herbal tea blend is meticulously crafted to target PCOS symptoms, promoting hormonal harmony naturally. With its unique formulation, it offers relief and support for menstrual health, making it an ideal choice for periods tea. Packed with potent herbal ingredients, including those known for their hormone-regulating properties, Teaaza PCOS Tea provides a gentle yet effective approach to restoring balance within the body. Experience the transformative benefits of this herbal tea for hormonal well-being.

Customer Reviews

Based on 474 reviews
Very Good Product

Tea Tea is Really Very useful.. my wife using this tea and She so happy .. after using it .. thank you so much...

Great Natural Solution - Recommended for all women

"Its just perfect
The flavor taste aroma everything is perfect
Highly recommend 😍"

Highly recommend!

Everything was great it help me to manage weight

Good product

Very good product for pcod.. Hair that appears due to pcod actually goes. And also it reliefs the body that occurs due to pcod.

My period is regular

Amazing product. My pcod pimples got reduced

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