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Teaaza Rose Green Tea For Skin Glow and Digestion

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Teaaza Rose Green Tea is an aromatic and healthy blend to help protect your skin. rose petal tea helps combat free radicals and promote overall well-being, making it ideal for relaxation and stress relief. Moreover, skin glow tea helps reduce acne and skin redness, promoting clearer, healthier skin. Enjoy the benefits of Teaaza Rose Green Tea while indulging in its delightful taste!

Key Highlights

  • Enhanced antioxidant protection for overall health
  • Promotes radiant skin and youthful complexion
  • Calming properties aid stress relief
  • Supports metabolism and weight management
  • Natural Rose Petals
  • 100% Natural and Organic

About Rose Green Tea

Embark on a sensory journey with Teaaza Rose Green Tea, a masterful fusion of nature's best. Meticulously blending the invigorating essence of Rose tea with the delicate allure of handpicked rose petals, this exquisite infusion offers a fragrant, soothing, and antioxidant-rich beverage.

Sourced from top-quality tea leaves and roses, it delivers a harmonious cup that uplifts both body and soul. Revel in the rejuvenating benefits of green tea, celebrated for its metabolism-boosting properties, enhanced by the subtle, floral notes of rose petals. Whether you're a seasoned tea enthusiast or a novice,

Teaaza Rose Green Tea promises a symphony of tranquility and vitality in every sip. Elevate your tea experience with the epitome of harmony

Best time to drink: Before or After Meals

Caffeine Content: Medium
Origin of Tea: India

Tasting Notes:
Visual: The combination of rose tea and green tea imparts a gentle, beige hue, providing a visually soothing experience.

Scent: Revel in the fragrance of freshly cut roses with a subtle undertone of grassiness, creating an inviting aroma.

Flavor: Delight your palate with a sweet taste accented by a hint of rose, crafting a flavorful and aromatic tea experience.

Rose Green Tea Health Benefits

Drinking rose green tea offers a range of potential benefits, making it a delightful and healthful choice. Here are a few key advantages:
1. Antioxidant Rich: Rose green tea contains a high level of antioxidants, such as catechins, which help combat free radicals in the body. This can contribute to overall better health and a reduced risk of chronic diseases.

2. Skin Health: The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in green tea for skin may promote clearer, healthier skin. Some people find that it helps reduce acne and skin redness.

3. Hydration: Rose green tea provides hydration, making it a healthy alternative to sugary or caffeinated beverages.

4. Natural Flavoring: The addition of rose petals imparts a unique and delicate floral flavor to green tea, making it an appealing option for those who enjoy a slightly sweet and aromatic tea without added sugars or artificial flavorings.

5. Supports Digestion: Green tea, including rose green tea, may aid in digestion by promoting the production of digestive enzymes. It can also help soothe an upset stomach.
Consistent consumption of Teaaza Rose Green Tea, twice daily for a minimum of 5-6 months, can lead to notable results. Its rich antioxidants promote overall well-being, while its soothing properties may aid in stress reduction. By incorporating this routine into your daily life, you can experience improved health and wellness benefits, making it a valuable addition to your lifestyle.

Brewing Instructions


Add 1 tablespoon of tea leaves in a tea pot. Pour Hot Water(150 ml.) on the tea leaves and not the other way around. Cover the pot and let the tea steep for 3-4 minutes. Strain and enjoy! All our teas can be rebrewed. Just add hot water and steep for longer than the first steep.


Add tea leaves in a tea pot. Pour Cold Water on the tea leaves. Cover it and put in the refrigerator for 6+ hours. Strain and enjoy! Add Honey for taste.

Frequently asked questions

What is Rose Green Tea?

Rose Green Tea is a type of green tea infused with dried rose petals, offering a delicate and floral flavor with the benefits of green tea.

What are the potential benefits of Rose Green Tea?

Rose Green Tea combines the health benefits of green tea, including antioxidants and potential metabolism-boosting properties, with the aromatic and soothing qualities of rose petals.

Can Rose Green Tea be consumed by children or the elderly?

Rose Green Tea is typically safe for consumption by children and the elderly. Adjust the strength and sweetness to individual preferences.

Can Rose Green Tea be served hot or cold?

Rose Green Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, making it a versatile beverage. To make iced Rose Green Tea, brew it hot, then chill it in the refrigerator and serve over ice.

Is Rose Green Tea a good option for relaxation or stress relief?

Rose Green Tea's delicate and aromatic qualities can provide a soothing and calming experience, making it a good choice for relaxation, especially when paired with green tea's potential calming effects.

Can Rose Green Tea be consumed during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Pregnant and breastfeeding individuals should consume Rose Green Tea in moderation. Consult a healthcare provider for personalized advice regarding herbal tea consumption during these periods.

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